DCSB: Why I’m doing this (Also, the Nats. Sigh.)

Ten days ago, I sat down with my dad and wife to watch the Washington Nationals polish off the Chicago Cubs andmove within 4 1/2 games of first place in the National League East….
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Ten days ago, I sat down with my dad and wife to watch the Washington Nationals polish off the Chicago Cubs and move within 4 1/2 games of first place in the National League East. Ah, memories.

What happened next sort of eludes me, but I remember saying “unbelievable” about 17 times. The next few days were unbelievable, too. Another walk-off loss. A four-game losing streak. A series loss against a bad team trying to lose. (D.C. United suddenly becoming fun again?!?!) (That Adrian Peterson!?!?) Gio Gonzalez getting ruined by an opposing pitcher. Gio Gonzalez getting ruined by the Miami Marlins. The Nationals getting ruined by Gio Gonzalez.

And finally, Tuesday, a Big Day in Nationals history. Daniel Murphy: Gone. Matt Adams: Gone. Owner Mark Lerner: Writing another letter to fans, which might as well have included a fluttering white flag gif: “The time has come for us to make decisions that will bolster our roster for next season and beyond.”

The reviews came in quickly. They weren’t kind.

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And so the must-read column of the day is not about the Nats’ totally bizarre win over the Philadelphia Phillies, but instead about 2019, ugh. “In a matter of hours, the meaningful question flipped from ‘Can the hugely disappointing Nats sweep the Phillies?’ to ‘Who will fill out the rotation next April?'” wrote Barry Svrluga.

It rained, and the game went on anyhow, and the Nats won, and then Dave Martinez said the sort of thing that Dave Martinez says: “These guys could’ve folded a long time ago, and they’re not. We’re not. I’m proud of them.”

Proud of them? Well, okay. Here’s who I’m proud of: Tracy Tran. Tracy is the kind of D.C. sports fan who fuels our coverage, the kind who reads everything, the kind whose father will randomly find me at my wife’s godparents’ daughter’s wedding reception (really) to ask about the Redskins, and also the kind who will show up in a late-night WaPo story asking just what kind of weirdos would wait through a 102-minute rain delay to watch the shell of the Nationals continue to play baseball, amid torrents of white flag talk.

“To be honest,” Tran told new Nats reporter Jesse Dougherty, “if I went home, I’d probably just turn on the game. I’d have nothing else to do.”

Yeah, man. Same. We don’t turn away. Why would we? This is just what we do. The Caps’ Stanley Cup run was so joyous that you couldn’t help but share in it with strangers. This Nats season is an oozing sore of shame, but we all share in it just the same. And they’ve both been pretty unforgettable.

Anyhow, that’s why I’m doing this D.C. sports newsletter: So we can all share in this silliness together. (Well, actually, I’m mostly doing it to try to get you to click on our stories. Here: A story about Wilmer Difo. Please click.)

The newsletter won’t usually be this long. It will sometimes include thoughts from colleagues, or from fans. It won’t always be gloomy, or all serious and reflective, or filled with details about my personal life. (Uh. Maybe.) And maybe there will be nuggets of joy, like this.

dan.steinberg), or at wedding receptions.

The Nationals did win last night, by the way. Maybe it’s still okay to belie … hahahahaha.

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