DCSB: Mr. Walk-off and the Orchid, together again

First word you think of when you hear the name Ryan Zimmerman? It’s got to be “walk-off,” right? (Okay, maybe it’s “Face of the Franchise,” although that’s not really a word. And…
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How do you like your walk-off? (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

First word you think of when you hear the name Ryan Zimmerman? It’s got to be “walk-off,” right? (Okay, maybe it’s “Face of the Franchise,” although that’s not really a word. And maybe it’s “plantar fasciitis,” although that’s not a word, either.)

First word you think of when you hear the name Stephen Strasburg? I can think of a few options. Shutdown. Injured. Injury. Orchid. (Is Tony on this newsletter list? He’s gonna love this.)

So Wednesday night was perfect. It was by the script. It was exactly what you expected. Strasburg, in his return from injury, struggled with his velocity, appeared to shake his arm in discomfort, and departed early, as we all wondered whether another shutdown might be approaching. (Read Barry Svrluga: “Where Strasburg is concerned, there has to be, by now, a throw-your-hands-to-the-sky reaction for Nats fans.”)

And Zimmerman, after yet another wacky and lengthy night, came up in the bottom of the ninth with a runner on and a one-run deficit. Everyone was thinking walk-off. Everyone was picturing it. (Everyone who wasn’t half-asleep on their couch, anyhow, sheesh pace-of-play.) And so of course he did it, a thing he’s done more than almost anyone in baseball history. (Read Chelsea Janes: “A few moments of joy are better than nothing.” And take time for this ranking of all 11 of Mr. Walk-off’s walk-offs.)

ESPN noted that Zimmerman’s 11th career walk-off is just two short of the MLB record, and second-most among active players behind Albert Pujols. Five of them came when the Nats were trailing, tied for the most in baseball history with Babe Ruth, Frank Robinson and Fred McGriff.

You get a reputation, and whether it’s fair or not, that becomes the expectation. When you hear Strasburg, you think injury. When you hear Zimmerman, you think walk-off. And when you hear Nats, you think “not dead yet.” (At least for a couple of more days.) (Or hours.) (Depending on your level of optimism.) (Look, they have a better chance now than they did yesterday, anyhow.) (Check back with me tomorrow.)

Ryan Zimmerman lifts Nationals to walk-off win over Phillies
Two-run homer caps wild 8-7 victory, but Stephen Strasburg struggles in first start in more than a month.
By Chelsea Janes • Read more »
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imp?s=1909&sz=116x15&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b7ec613fe1ff62f6b0b33a5 imp?s=95919&sz=69x15&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b7ec613fe1ff62f6b0b33a5
Ryan Zimmerman’s 11 career walk-off home runs, ranked
‘Mr. Walk-Off’ lived up to his nickname again in Wednesday’s comeback win over the Phillies.
By Scott Allen • Read more »
Stephen Strasburg pitched for the Nationals. If only that happened more often.
The season would have been much different if the starter wasn’t out for so much of the summer.
By Barry Svrluga • Read more »
Stephen Strasburg cites fatigue, not health, for notable drop in velocity in comeback start
Both Strasburg and Manager Dave Martinez insist that health did not factor into the pitcher’s shaky return from the DL.
By Jorge Castillo • Read more »
Katie Ledecky visits Nationals Park during rare break from pool
After two weeks away from her sport, the swimmer won’t rest until the 2020 Tokyo Games are over.
By Jesse Dougherty • Read more »
imp?s=107230&sz=1x1&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b7ec613fe1ff62f6b0b33a5 imp?s=107231&sz=1x1&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b7ec613fe1ff62f6b0b33a5
imp?s=1909&sz=116x15&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b7ec613fe1ff62f6b0b33a5 imp?s=95919&sz=69x15&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b7ec613fe1ff62f6b0b33a5
Kapri Bibbs says he loves having Adrian Peterson as a teammate: ‘This man is a role model’
The reserve running back’s roster spot is at risk following the signing of the former NFL MVP.
By Les Carpenter • Read more »
Redskins get serious ahead of their third preseason game, Adrian Peterson’s debut
Sense of urgency increases as Redskins approach third preseason game.
By Kareem Copeland • Read more »
Inside one Maryland community, a fight to save backyard basketball hoops
A Howard County HOA passes a 30-day moratorium on new violations after residents protest to save their hoops.
By Jacob Bogage • Read more »
Washington Mystics, like many WNBA teams, settle into new home for playoffs
The Mystics will host the Los Angeles Sparks at Smith Center on the GW campus for their second-round playoff game. They’re far from the only team in the league to relocate their most important games of the season.
By Ava Wallace • Read more »
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