DCSB: D.C. invites the Redskins to come home

Dan is on daycare duty, so you’re stuck with me, child-less Scott Allen, for at least one day. Try not to look too disappointed. The newsletter won’t be the same, and neither will…
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Mayor Muriel Bowser (center) and other local politicians and community organizers break ground for the project to renovate the RFK Stadium campus into multi-purpose recreational fields on Wednesday. (Calla Kessler/The Washington Post)

Dan is on daycare duty, so you’re stuck with me, child-less Scott Allen, for at least one day. Try not to look too disappointed. The newsletter won’t be the same, and neither will lunch in the eighth-floor kitchen at WaPo HQ, which has recently featured our friend Dan devouring two unheated vegetarian hot dogs while staring blankly at Twitter on his phone. Hi, Dan. Miss you, Dan.

Were the OG Bogman in today and not at home teaching his 2-year-old how to read newsletter open rate reports, I’m confident he’d want you to check out what D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said at the Redskins’ “Welcome Home Luncheon” on Wednesday. The name of the team’s annual event took on extra meaning this year, as Bowser, who earlier in the day helped break ground on a $489 million project to transform the parking lots surrounding RFK Stadium into multi-use fields, made a serious pitch to Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and Redskins President Bruce Allen to build the franchise’s next stadium on the RFK site. The team’s lease at FedEx Field, which was built up the hill from my old elementary school (shoutout to Matthew Henson Montessori and Ms. Cindy), expires in 2027.

“Bring it home,” Bowser said during her remarks at the luncheon. “We think all of our professional sports teams should be in our city limits,” she said in an interview afterward.

“[Washington] is a special place, and she’s right that it’s the only sports team that’s not in the city,” Snyder, who called Bowser’s remarks “great,” told The Post’s Jonathan O’Connell. “It’s special to me. I have great memories there.”

For now, it’s just talk, as Maryland and Virginia politicians have made similar overtures, but a return to D.C., where the Redskins played from 1937 through 1996, sure seems more likely today than it did Wednesday morning. (There was at least enough heat in Bowser’s remarks to warm a couple of veggie dogs. )

Meanwhile, up in Baltimore, the Redskins play their final preseason game against Robert Griffin III and the Ravens tonight. Adrian Peterson, who like me is on the wrong side of 32, won’t play, but Kevin Hogan will get an extended opportunity to convince the Redskins’ coaching staff that they should carry three quarterbacks. It’s hard not to root for Hogan, the McLean native and former Gonzaga standout, who lost his dad to cancer in December 2014 and was traded to the team he grew up rooting for in April.

The Nationals’ modest winning streak is no more. Carlos Santana’s fifth-inning grand slam off of Gio Gonzalez was the big blow, turning a 5-2 Washington lead into a 6-5 deficit en route to an 8-6 loss. The Braves lost, too, so Washington remains eight games back in the NL East race. The Nationals are off today before opening a 10-game homestand on Friday against the Brewers.

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Quick hits:

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imp?s=1909&sz=116x15&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b880831fe1ff65504e75280 imp?s=95919&sz=69x15&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b880831fe1ff65504e75280
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imp?s=1909&sz=116x15&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b880831fe1ff65504e75280 imp?s=95919&sz=69x15&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b880831fe1ff65504e75280
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