DCSB: Josh Norman takes aim at Colin Kaepernick

Before this week is out, we’re going to publisha story about Josh Norman, the volubleRedskins cornerback who’s increasingly speaking out aboutoff-the-field issues. Norman talksin a…
The Washington Post
D.C. Sports Bog
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Josh Norman, during training camp. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Before this week is out, we’re going to publish a story about Josh Norman, the voluble Redskins cornerback who’s increasingly speaking out about off-the-field issues. Norman talks in a distinctive cadence, thoughts often pouring out in great bursts, and he has plenty to say. He’s almost always the last one to leave the Redskins locker room after games, and I can’t remember him ever declining to weigh in on a topic.

Still, his thoughts about Colin Kaepernick — given to Kent Babb for his profile on Eagles’ defensive back Malcolm Jenkins — were more than a little noteworthy.

Kaepernick, Norman told Babb, simply refused to communicate when the coalition of players needed strong leadership most.

“When he took a knee, everybody was in shock and everything, but when the bullets start flying, I was trying to figure out where he was at. He was ducking,” Norman said of Kaepernick. “When you’re in the line of fire and the guys that are over here are trying to have a conversation to move stuff forward, he didn’t want to have that conversation.”

Kaepernick is back in the news this week, his Nike commercial likely to be one of the biggest story lines of tonight’s season opener. Many NFL players have remained mum on the topic. But Norman rarely stays mum, and if he’s finding a voice, it isn’t always saying what you’d expect.

Anyhow, tonight will begin the D.C. sports fan’s annual debate: Do I watch the Nats/Caps/Wizards/United game, or can I not resist the siren call of a national NFL broadcast, no matter how much queasiness it might or might not cause? I still haven’t decided. As always, you can weigh in @dcsportsbog or via email, and let’s do this again tomorrow.

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