DCSB: How Adrian Peterson blew the Redskins away

Adrian Peterson wasn’t supposed to be leading the Redskins to a Week 1 win, because Adrian Peterson wasn’t supposed to be on the Redskins. Washington had its running back of the…
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Adrian Peterson, during his impressive Redskins debut. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Adrian Peterson wasn’t supposed to be leading the Redskins to a Week 1 win, because Adrian Peterson wasn’t supposed to be on the Redskins.

Washington had its running back of the future in Derrius Guice, plus a host of options behind him, plus Peterson was 33 and not all that great last season, plus these Redskins no longer bring in aging stars who’ve done their best work elsewhere, nope, never. And so even when Peterson visited the team’s facility in July, the team had no plans to sign him. Running backs coach Randy Jordan was stunned during that visit when the future Hall of Famer walked into the team’s practice bubble and asked if he could work out, according to this great Les Carpenter piece. Adrian Peterson? Work out? Haha.

“I killed it,” Peterson texted his longtime trainer after the workout. Others agreed. Via Les:

The team was not planning on signing a running back that afternoon. The hope was the other backs’ injuries would not keep them out long. “But after that workout it was a no-brainer,” Jay Gruden said. “The shape he was in, the power, the burst that he still had. Like, ‘What the hell are we thinking? Let’s just grab this guy.’ ”

Just read the whole thing. You can’t write these stories with any degree of long-term confidence on Sept. 13. Maybe Peterson gets hurt. Maybe he’ll start looking like he’s 33. Maybe the yards aren’t there if the Redskins fall behind. But if you had told me in early June that Washington would romp to a Week 1 win behind 166 total yards from Adrian Peterson, well, you could have knocked me over with a brand new FedEx Field concession item inspired by Cheetos®.

Anyhow, thanks for all the feedback yesterday on why the Skins still haven’t sold out their home opener; I’ll quote some of the notes I received in the future. The Hardy Hawks volleyball team is now 2-0, thanks for asking. As always, you can find me @dcsportsbog or via email, and let’s do this again tomorrow.

Tonight on TV: The Nats host the Cubs in a rescheduled game at 4 p.m. on MASN2. The Ravens are at Cincinnati on NFL Network, but I’m only mentioning that because it’s the NFL, not because it’s Baltimore, because I had someone unsubscribe to this newsletter after a Baltimore reference. There’s also a weird 5:30 college football game: Boston College at Wake Forest on ESPN. (Speaking of subscribing, I really want more subscribers. Tell your friends. Send them this link. Or just sign them up.)

Quick hits:

Adrian Peterson wasn’t invited to an NFL training camp. So he created his own.
The inside story of how the former NFL MVP went from unemployed to a Week 1 star for the Redskins.
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Redskins’ wide receivers were quiet in Week 1, but they aren’t worried about it
Washington’s diverse offense, which was on full display against the Cardinals, will feature different players on different weeks.
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The Redskins’ new ticket strategy: Actively courting fans
Former NFL executive Brian Lafemina said in an interview that after years of claiming sellouts and season ticket waiting lists, the team is seeking to improve fan experience at FedEx Field.
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imp?s=37233&sz=1x1&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b9a756bfe1ff65504f0882c imp?s=37234&sz=1x1&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b9a756bfe1ff65504f0882c
imp?s=1909&sz=116x15&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b9a756bfe1ff65504f0882c imp?s=95919&sz=69x15&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b9a756bfe1ff65504f0882c
For D.C. Mayor Bowser, Mystics and Wizards’ new facility is blueprint for luring Redskins
The Washington Entertainment and Sports Arena, set to open next month, is meant to spark development in an underserved area and help raise D.C.’s profile as a sports city.
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Washington Mystics swept up by the Storm in first trip to WNBA Finals
Seattle claims its third league title behind Breanna Stewart and Natasha Howard as Mystics’ late run falls short in Game 3 of the Finals.
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Juan Soto has been the best teenage hitter ever, and it doesn’t look like a fluke
Soto’s rookie year compares to the best age-19 seasons of all-time, and his plate discipline means it should be sustainable.
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Stephen Strasburg finds his form as the Nationals sweep the Phillies
Washington wins its fifth straight in the pitcher’s best start since he came off the disabled list.
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Nationals reliever Sammy Solis knows he is pitching for his future
The Nationals bullpen has changed for many reasons, including the struggles of a lefty this team planned around all year.
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imp?s=107230&sz=1x1&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b9a756bfe1ff65504f0882c imp?s=107231&sz=1x1&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b9a756bfe1ff65504f0882c
imp?s=1909&sz=116x15&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b9a756bfe1ff65504f0882c imp?s=95919&sz=69x15&li=sports&m=21b0206a4e1e08a5ff34d4e136e26106&p=5b9a756bfe1ff65504f0882c
Jeremy Hellickson wants to start, but the Nationals might not have room
Washington’s rotation might suddenly be too crowded for the reliable veteran.
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New Capitals Coach Todd Reirden will dial up intensity as Stanley Cup defense begins
Reirden promises the team won’t coast into the season, despite a short summer due to their title run.
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U-Md. president told commission some allegations ‘probably occur in every football program’
Many members of the eight-member group have close ties to the university.
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With knee injury behind him, quarterback Kasim Hill gains comfort in Matt Canada’s offense
Kasim Hill has led Maryland to wins in its first two games of the year and has yet to throw an interception in his career.
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D.C. United survives early struggles as late rally upends Minnesota United
United improves to 7-2-0 since Audi Field’s grand opening in mid-July as playoff chase continues
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