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Boris Johnson has announced a new wave of restrictions, following a sharp rise in cases of Covid-19. In these complex times, our nation needs clarity. So, as Britain shuts down, six months on from the first lockdown, we’re opening up all of our journalism from the past six months to you, with unlimited access until 8am tomorrow (Thursday).

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Visit our website today and turn to our award-winning team for the confidence and authority you need in this most tumultuous of weeks.

You’ll find all of the Government’s new rules laid out clearly and in full by our dedicated team. See what they mean for you and your loved ones, and make your plans calmly and with a clear head, from holidays to household gatherings.

You’ll also be able to enjoy uncompromising opinion on the latest restrictions. Julia Hartley-Brewer pulls no punches as she states that the public deserves more than ‘Project Fear’. Janet Daley is on forthright form as she writes that Boris Johnson’s speech shows little regard for either science or democracy. And as support for the Government falls, Ross Clark warns that Boris Johnson must ensure his Covid-19 restrictions do not destroy our liberties for nothing.

Tom Rees looks at the threat that these limitations pose to our economic recovery. If you’re a fan of sport, meanwhile, you won’t want to miss Oliver Brown’s brilliant piece on the impact these changes will have on the fabric of our society.

You’ll be able to follow up-to-the-minute coverage of Brexit too, following last night’s votes on the Internal Market Bill. Look for our live politics blog on our website, and if you were wondering quite why the bill has been so controversial, Amy Jones has all the information that you need.

Turn to The Telegraph now and make sure you’re prepared for what the future holds. Read every article from the past six months on our website for free, until 8am on Thursday.

Once 8am arrives, why not start your free one-month subscription trial? You can then enjoy your next three months for just £1 a month, and £2 a week thereafter. For added peace of mind, you can cancel at any time. Join us today and stay informed of every development, at this crucial time for our nation.

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