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Rarely in recent memory has it been quite so vital – yet so difficult – to keep a clear head. From the government’s controversial new regulations to Rishi Sunak’s new Job Support Scheme, this week alone has brought us more than its fair share of twists and turns.

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You’ll be able to follow every crucial update of the Chancellor’s new scheme. Our unrivalled team will take you through how the system works, while Marianna Hunt examines who stands to gain and who looks set to lose out. You’ll also be able to see how you or a loved one can apply, with expert advice from Jessica Beard.

While welcome to many, Rishi Sunak’s plan is not without risk. Indeed, Matthew Lynn calls it a ‘big bet’, and economists have made a number of warnings about the scheme’s size. Alexandra Phillips, however, has a more buoyant perspective on Sunak’s speech, positing that he may well be the Prime Minister that Britain badly needs.

Speaking of Prime Ministers, Boris Johnson’s ‘coronavirus fiasco’ is the subject of Allister Heath’s brilliant opinion piece from this week, which also laments our national failure to engage in a rational debate. Ross Clark, meanwhile, has some equally forthright views on Matt Hancock’s track and trace app, asking who in their right mind would download it.

As Britain records its highest daily number of cases since the pandemic began, and the world looks set to pass 1 million deaths this weekend, you’ll find the latest updates and a balanced perspective from our Global Health team. If you’re looking to take care of your mental health, you’ll find some sage advice in Miranda Levy’s piece on the dangers of ‘doomscrolling’. Helen Chandler-Wilde has some words of wisdom, too, as she urges us to escape ‘corona rage’ and calm down.

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